Course curriculum

    1. Developing a concept and story

    2. Writing a script

    3. Creating a shot list and storyboard

    4. Casting actors and crew

    5. Scouting and securing locations

    1. Setting up and rehearsing shots

    2. Capturing sound and dialogue

    3. Working with actors and directing performances

    4. Managing the crew and keeping on schedule

    5. Capturing B-roll and other additional footage

    1. Understanding camera settings and techniques

    2. Composition and framing

    3. Lighting techniques and equipment

    4. Capturing movement and tracking shots

    5. Working with the director of photography

    1. Communicating with the crew and actors

    2. Making creative and technical decisions

    3. Crafting the tone and style of the film

    4. Working with the editor to achieve desired vision

    5. Collaborating with producers and other key creative personnel

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